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"The Frontlines of Freedom"

A Somber Salute to America's Troops
by Patra

In camouflaged clothing,
half-ton helmets guarding their heads---
Crawling on the ground,
over comrads lying dead.

Casualties mounting in this bloody battlefield,
Cornering enemy troops---
Commanded to shoot to kill!

Bravely battling their foes
with fortitude and might---
Feeling tired and weary,
Determined to win, they dare to fight!

The carnage of war surrounding them,
penetrating their nostrils, polluting the air.
All their senses overwhelmed by darkness,
utter anguish and despair.

Our soldiers "sacrificial" legacy,
to willingly lay down their lives---
Do we truly value their undying loyalty,
when the trumpet sounds the battlecry?

The Banner of Freedom still flies,
across America the Beautiful's "star-spangled" skies.

Lady Liberty holds her head high,
in the Land of the Free,
Where hope's still alive!!

America bids a "somber goodbye",
to her heroes who dwell with the Lord,
in the "sweet bye and bye".

Hometown Heroes in a foreign land,
Defending Freedom in the desert sand.
Armed with courage, hearts noble & brave,
Defending freedom with astounding faith!